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Understanding Your Billing Statements

Depending upon what test samples(s) were received at our laboratory, you may receive one or more billing statements from either QDx Pathology Services or our parent company EMES Professional Associates, PA.  Your statement(s) will show any balance remaining, which may include your co-insurance, deductible or co-pay, according to your insurance plan.  If you do not have insurance, your statement(s) will reflect the balance billed directly to you.  For any billing inquiries, please contact QDx at 866-909-7284.


I received a bill from QDx Pathology Services, but I never visited this facility.  What is this bill for? 

QDx Pathology Services is not a drawing station or a specimen collection facility.  All of our patient specimens are sent to us from medical professionals who have collected the specimens in their practice offices.  As a partner with your physician, we bill all patients directly for laboratory services.  Please contact a QDx billing specialist with any questions regarding your statement.

What is EMES Professional Associates, PA?

EMES is the parent company of QDx Pathology Services.  If you received a billing statement from QDx or EMES, our company is a laboratory partner with one of your physicians.

What if I am a medicare patient?

As a Medicare patient, you are responsible for any applicable deductible and co-payments as required by Federal insurance regulations. Co-pays are 20% of Medicare allowable. If you have a supplemental insurance, QDx will be happy to submit that 20% balance to your supplemental insurance on your behalf.

Does QDx Pathology Services participate with all insurances?

QDx Pathology accepts as payment in full the payer’s contracted allowed amount for QDx’s pathology services. If QDx is considered to be an out-of-network provider, QDx will, with appropriate documentation from the payer, honor the payer’s in-network benefit payment as payment in full for all services provided. However, all patients will be responsible for any deductible and co-pays that are not covered by the payer’s in-network benefit. Patients will not be responsible for the difference between QDx’s test price and the payer’s in-network allowable amount.

What if I do not have insurance?

If you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for the billed amounts. Patients may contact QDx to establish a payment plan, as appropriate and/or necessary.